A whole life dedicated to the world of Iberian.
A legacy of four generations that has kept the essence and respect for tradition alive for almost a century.



Our beginnings date back to the early 1930s when Bernardo Hernández Blázquez, founder of BEHER, began to market the first Iberian products that he made by hand.

In the 1970s, Bernardo Hernández García, son of the founder, took over, who made BEHER grow exponentially and internationalized the brand thanks to the first exports. It is at this time that the breeding of 100% native Iberian pigs was incorporated into the company, where the genetic selection implemented from the beginning has turned out to be the key to achieving the current excellence of our products.

With the turn of the century and the arrival of the third generation with Bernardo and Jorge Hernández Tinoco at the helm, BEHER is now a consolidated and recognized company throughout the world that controls the entire production process, from pig breeding, to processing and curing and ending with the enhancement and sale of our Iberian products thanks to a large distribution network and our stores and restaurants spread between Spain and Portugal.

Today the fourth generation is beginning to be present and at BEHER we continue to faithfully bet on the quality and authenticity of all our products, where the digital environment, innovation and new technologies force us to continue working hard to adapt to the new times and the needs and tastes of the market.

  • 1930

    In the 1930s, Bernardo Hernández Blázquez began selling the first artisanal cured and prepared products in Guijuelo.

  • 1970

    In the 70s, after years of sustained growth, his son, Bernardo Hernández García, took over, who decided to include the breeding of Iberian pigs as added value to his activity.

  • 2000

    At the turn of the century, BEHER has evolved from a small business to a large family business with national and international recognition, now led by the third generation with Bernardo and Jorge Hernández Tinoco at the helm.

  • 2020

    The world doesn't stop and neither does BEHER. The fourth generation of BEHER is already working to lead the future of the sector, adapting to new technologies and market trends.



Currently we have several farms spread between Spain and Portugal with more than 3,000 breeding mothers and 70 males, all Pure Iberian, as well as our own insemination center.

productos 100% ibéricos Beher


Bernardo Hernández began the adventure of selling Iberian pork products to other countries more than 40 years ago with the first sales to countries in Europe and the current European Union. Exportation to countries outside the European Union began in the year 1960 with the first operations in South America. BEHER is currently represented in more than 50 countries on five continents.


At BEHER we are very proud of the quality of the product that we make with determination and great care. Proof of this are the countless awards and recognitions we have received throughout this professional journey.

The last ones to highlight could be the best Acorn-fed Ham from Castilla y León in the years 2013, 2016 and 2018, the National Ham Salon Award, the Gold Medal at the SUFFA Fair (Stuttgart), the La Posada del newspaper El Mundo for the Best Business Project in the province of Salamanca in 2019 or for the Best Packaging in the LiderPack awards.

But without a doubt the most important recognition is knowing that behind this medal table lies a long history of tenacity, sacrifice and hard work by the entire BEHER family.